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Do you need to be taught in regards to the several types of flies in South Carolina?

Discovering details about the widespread kinds of flies in South Carolina or different elements of the USA was not as simple as I believed. Some guides had too little info, some have been incorrect, and others simply didn’t present what I used to be on the lookout for.


That’s the reason I created 10 Sorts of Flies in South Carolina.

On this information, you’ll be taught in regards to the several types of flies in your space, their dangerous results, their ecological significance, and every thing else you will need to know.


10 Sorts of Flies in South Carolina

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#1. Home Fly (Musca domestica)

House Fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Measure about 4 – 7.5 mm in physique size.
  • They’re an ideal nuisance in properties, eating places, and accommodations.
  • Principally feed on decaying matter or different natural substances.
  • Carriers of micro organism, pathogens, and viruses.
  • Can unfold diseases akin to diarrhea and even meals poisoning.

Regardless of the place you reside, you’ve more than likely encountered the widespread home fly. These are widespread in each family, not solely in South Carolina but additionally in all elements of the world.

This home fly is well-renowned for being bothersome and posing well being dangers. They’re an ideal nuisance, particularly in locations the place there’s meals like within the residence eating areas, accommodations, and eating places.

Sometimes measuring between 4 to 7.5 mm lengthy it showcases a physique adorned with 4 stripes on its thorax. And as acknowledged above, you will note these flies in most environments throughout the globe.

The standard weight loss plan of the home fly weight loss plan consists of decaying matter and natural substances which sadly makes them carriers of ailments as talked about.

They will transport pathogens like micro organism and viruses on their our bodies thereby contributing to the unfold of diseases together with diarrhea, meals poisoning, and eye infections.

#2. Frequent Fruit Flies (Drosophila melanogaster)

fruit fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • They’re about 3mm in physique size.
  • They’ve a brief lifespan.
  • Principally discovered the place there are decaying or rotten fruits or greens.
  • Brick-red eyes and yellow-brown physique.
  • Females are normally bigger in dimension in comparison with males and have a extra rounded stomach
  • Often drawn to moisture and lightweight.

Fruit flies, scientifically generally known as Drosophila melanogaster are bugs which might be among the many widespread kinds of flies in South Carolina and the USA. They’re additionally well-known all around the world.

These flies have a brief lifespan and measure round 3mm in size. These flies even have a physique with purple eyes and are generally discovered close to decaying fruit and veggies the place they feed on the yeast and micro organism that thrive in these environments.

With a lifecycle of 10 to 14 days, these flies whereas they’re nonetheless energetic will also be a nuisance, particularly in kitchens, dustbins, or some other place the place there are decaying fruits.

If you wish to do away with these flies, after all, you will want to do nothing apart from take away fruits which have rotten or any rotten natural matter that may very well be in your house.

#3. Horse Fly (Tabanidae spp.)

horse fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Giant and about 1 inch in size.
  • Black or dark-brown physique coloration.
  • Have metallic sheen and darkish eyes.
  • Have clear wings with some darkish markings and have some lengthy mouthparts for piercing.
  • Lively principally throughout the day and get drawn to transferring objects or animals.

Horseflies are bugs that feed on blood and belong to the Tabanidae household. They’re one of many widespread kinds of flies in South Carolina however you’ll as properly see them in different areas.

These flies are identified pests that primarily goal livestock akin to horses, cattle, and even people. They use their mouthparts to ship some bites and to extract blood, which may probably transmit ailments and trigger discomfort.

These flies are simply recognizable attributable to their dimension as they sometimes measure between 1 and a couple of centimeters in physique size. Their vibrant eyes additionally distinguish them from different flies.

#4. Cluster Flies (Pollenia spp.)

cluster fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Uninteresting and grayish-brown.
  • Related however bigger than the houseflies.
  • Often slow-moving and drawn to mild.
  • Generally is a nuisance once they collect in numbers.
  • Don’t lay eggs indoors like houseflies do.
  • Innocent to each pets and people as they don’t sting or chunk.

Cluster flies are a number of the bugs you will note in South Carolina habitats and different elements of the nation. These flies are much like houseflies as they’ve behaviors and life cycles similar to the houseflies do.

Throughout their larval stage, cluster flies parasitize earthworms. They dwell within the soil till they attain the pupation section. Once they turn out to be adults, which usually occurs in summer time or early fall, they search shelter in buildings to hibernate throughout the winter months.

These flies have a tendency to collect in numbers in attics or wall voids which will be fairly bothersome since they are often nice nuisances for householders. Not like houseflies, cluster flies don’t lay eggs indoors.

#5. Blow Fly (Calliphoridae spp.)

blow fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Lay their eggs on decomposing tissues.
  • Assist in dashing up decomposition.
  • About 8 – 10 mm in physique dimension.
  • Drawn to rotting matter akin to decaying meat.
  • Might transmit ailments when it is available in contact with animals or people.

These flies play a vital position within the ecosystems that they inhabit. After all, they’re so current and one of many widespread flies in South Carolina amongst different flies that you simply see.

In the case of their significance as talked about, these flies assist lots in breaking down matter akin to carrion and decaying materials. With their sense of odor, blow flies are sometimes the bugs to reach on the location of a deceased animal, the place they lay their eggs on the decomposing tissue.

It’s additionally value noting that their larvae or maggots eat the tissue of lifeless animals therefore dashing up the decomposition course of and returning vitamins again to the setting.

#6. Deer Fly (Chrysops cincticornis)

deer fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Small in dimension and measure about 6 – 10 mm.
  • They will chunk and their bites are normally painful.
  • They inhabit water our bodies and likewise wooded areas.
  • Our bodies are coloured with patterned wings.
  • Principally feed on blood from their hosts’ our bodies.

One other certainly one of sort of flies in South Carolina and different elements of the USA is the deer fly, scientifically generally known as Chrysops cincticornis is an insect that feeds on blood and can be widespread in different elements of the world.

These flies are infamous for his or her painful bites, notably focusing on mammals like people. They thrive in environments close to our bodies of water and wooded areas.

Grownup Deer Flies are sometimes small measuring round 6 to 10 mm with coloured our bodies and distinct wings which have distinctive patterns. The feminine flies require blood meals to develop their eggs and their mouthparts that resemble the scissors, and so they use this to trigger bites on their hosts.

#7. Crane Fly (Tipuloidea spp.)

Crane Fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Look nearly like mosquitoes.
  • They don’t carry ailments.
  • They’ve delicate our bodies and fragile legs.
  • Serve an ideal position in selling plant pollination.
  • Larva normally feed on decaying matter.
  • They’re innocent however their numbers generally is a nuisance.

Crane flies are bugs that seem like mosquitoes. Nonetheless, not like mosquitoes, they don’t carry ailments. They’re identified in lots of elements of the world and are additionally widespread kinds of flies you will note in South Carolina and the USA.

These bugs have delicate legs and our bodies. They are often present in numerous habitats and serve necessary ecological roles as each pollinators and prey for different animals.

Their larvae, generally generally known as ‘leatherjackets’ dwell in environments akin to soil and aquatic areas and feed on decaying matter. And though these flies are innocent to people, they will generally turn out to be a nuisance once they seem in numbers across the properties.

#8. Steady Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans)

stable fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Have nice similarities with the houseflies.
  • Have proboscis for piercing.
  • Feed on blood therefore can ship painful bites that may trigger discomfort.
  • Inhabit areas the place animals are current.
  • Often breed in decaying matter akin to manure.

The Steady Fly, often known as Stomoxys calcitrans is an insect that may be fairly bothersome and economically vital as properly. They’re ample in South Carolina habitats and likewise widespread in several areas world wide.

These flies share some similarities with a housefly. One among its options is its proboscis, which it employs to puncture the pores and skin of varied animals together with people with a view to feed on their blood.

The bites from steady flies will be fairly painful and may trigger discomfort for each livestock and other people in the end affecting their well being and productiveness.

Because the title suggests steady flies are continuously discovered round farms, stables, and areas the place animals are current. They have a tendency to breed in decaying matter like manure the place their larvae bear growth.

#9. Black Fly (Simuliidae spp.)

black fly

Figuring out Traits and Information

  • They survive by feeding on blood.
  • Can sting or chunk inflicting painful itching or allergic response.
  • Larvae normally inhabit flowing freshwater streams.
  • Their presence in water signifies water high quality.
  • They’re annoying pests that can also transmit ailments.

Black flies are a sort of insect that survive by feeding on blood. They’re current all around the world and likewise in South Carolina’s habitats.

These small creatures have gained fairly some reputation attributable to their bites which regularly end in itchiness and allergic reactions in each people and animals. Black flies exist in each larval and grownup kinds with the larvae inhabiting flowing freshwater streams and rivers.

They play a job in ecosystems by indicating water high quality and serving as a meals supply for organisms. Nonetheless, regardless of their significance black flies are thought of pests because of the annoyance they trigger and their potential to transmit ailments.

#10. Botflies (Oestridae spp.)


Figuring out Traits and Information

  • Their our bodies are lined with some hairs.
  • Colours could differ from reddish-orange to black.
  • Often lay eggs on the mammals’ hairs or our bodies.
  • Larvae are parasitic and keep within the host’s physique for some weeks.
  • They’re the scale of a honeybee.

Final on our checklist of the widespread kinds of flies in South Carolina are the botflies. Though they’re dominant in South Carolina, they’re additionally current in most areas all around the world.

These flies have a lifecycle the place their larvae develop contained in the physique of their host. The grownup feminine botflies lay their eggs on the pores and skin of the host, which hatch and burrow into the flesh inflicting a swelling or lump known as a warble.

The larvae feed on fluids from tissues to develop, and so they ultimately emerge from the host as developed larvae to pupate within the soil.

Their parasitic habits can result in discomfort, infections, and monetary losses in livestock. Subsequently, there’s a want for efficient management measures to determine and take away the larvae and likewise to make use of some preventive measures to curb their unfold.

As a reminder, the under elements are widespread for the commonest bugs:

  • Most will be present in your home, yard, or backyard
  • Most usually are not dangerous to people or pets however will be annoying and trigger irritation
  • There are simple methods to draw and deter widespread flies in South Carolina
  • Most of those flies will be simply eliminated or killed

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