The best way to Develop this Diehard Houseplant


A tall dark green snake plant sansevieria grows in a gold urn pot the text at the bottom reads

Sansevierias (now Dracaenas) are widespread & easy-care houseplants. Right here you’ll discover Snake Plant Care ideas, together with issues good to know to maintain yours rising.


Snake Vegetation are a number of the hardest crops you could find. Whether or not indoors, in your backyard, or in your balcony, these spiky beauties can put up with nearly something. They’re simple to develop, however it’s best to know a couple of issues. Hold studying for Snake Plant care ideas as a houseplant – you’ll see how low upkeep they are surely.

Snake Plant Traits

Nell Foster holds a large Snake Plant in her brightly lit living room.
This was taken simply earlier than I repotted my Sansevieria Zelanica. As you’ll be able to see, 1 of the powerful rhizomes had torn the aspect of the pot & new development was rising.

Botanical Title: Dracaena spp & varieties (this plant has just lately been reclassified from the Sansevieria genus to the Dracaena genus, however most nonetheless name them Sansevierias, so I’ll, too, for now).


Widespread Title: Snake Plant, Mom-In-Regulation’s Tongue.

Everybody doesn’t swoon over these crops due to their robust, daring look and hard sword-like leaves.  They’re positively not the tender, “touchy-feely” form of crops however definitely have character and curiosity and current fairly the placing silhouette. 

Their fashionable, edgy really feel appeals to me, together with how simple they’re to take care of.  I now stay in Tucson, Arizona, the place I’ve them rising in my dwelling and a pair in pots exterior within the shiny shade on my coated patio. The robust desert solar will fry them, however they deal with the dry air like champs.

These evergreen perennials are very long-lived, in contrast to some houseplants. In case you’re searching for your individual Snake Plant, many alternative species and varieties are available on the market, with extra new ones being launched annually.

You could find them tall or quick, with spherical, flat, or concave leaves, and strong or variegated foliage with darkish inexperienced, silver, gentle inexperienced, yellow, chartreuse, or white.  

My private favorites are the previous standbys Dracaena trifasciata and laurentii, zeylanica, cylindrica (that is the one they braid), moonshine, futura superba, jade, gold star, and bonsal.  The latter three keep small and are suited to small areas.


Snake Vegetation grown as houseplants common in top from 8″ to 9′. My Sansevieria Zeylanica that you just see within the picture above is now over 5′ tall. You should purchase them in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14″ develop pots.

Development Price

Sansevierias are typically sluggish growers. They unfold by underground stems known as rhizomes which pop up as new development.

In stronger pure gentle, they’ll develop sooner and slower in decrease gentle.

Makes use of

They’re used as tabletop and slender ground crops, in addition to in dish gardens and kokedama.

Snake Plant Care Information

Woman shown in her kitchen holding a clay pot with a snake plant, 4 additional snake plants sit on kitchen counter.
Just a few of my new Snake Plant infants. Most will should be repotted in a 12 months or so.

Snake Plant Gentle Necessities

Despite the fact that Sansevierias favor medium gentle (about 10′ away from the west or south window), they’ll additionally tolerate decrease and better gentle ranges. How versatile they’re! 

Simply you’ll want to preserve Snake Vegetation out of the direct, sizzling solar (not in a west or south window) as a result of they’ll burn in a heartbeat. Oblique daylight is their candy spot.

Observe: In decrease gentle situations, the darker-leafed species and varieties ( like D. trifasciata & D. hanhnii jade) do higher and are those you should purchase. Snake Vegetation with brighter variegations will lose shade and grow to be much less patterned in low gentle.

Snake Plant Watering  

Straightforward does it with the watering frequency – this succulent plant doesn’t want it as a lot as a lot of your different houseplants. Watch out to not overdo it as a result of an excessive amount of water typically results in root rot.  

At all times ensure the soil is nearly utterly dry earlier than completely watering once more. So, in case you journey or are inclined to ignore crops, this plant that thrives on rare watering is for you. 

How typically ought to I water my Snake Vegetation? Good query! Water your Snake Vegetation each two-eight weeks. Your watering schedule will differ relying on your private home’s surroundings, sort of soil combine, and pot measurement. For example, new crops in small pots will want watering extra typically than bigger, established ones.

I water my Snake Vegetation much less typically within the winter months (each 5 to seven weeks for these in massive pots) when the temps are cooler, and the solar is much less intense. That is the time of 12 months when houseplants wish to relaxation, and their development slows. I water my small Snake Vegetation in 4″ pots each two weeks in summer time and each two to 3 weeks in winter.  

Be certain to not let water construct up within the middle of the leaves (the place they kind a cup) as a result of this may result in a mushy plant and finally rot.

You possibly can learn my Information to Watering Indoor Vegetation to grasp higher how typically to water.

A large display of Snake Plants sitting on flagstone shelves at Berridge's Plant Nursery.
Some many enjoyable Snake Vegetation! I at all times love the shows at Berridge Nursery.

Humidity Ranges 

These crops don’t thoughts our properties and places of work’ generally dry or stale air. They do fantastic with common family humidity ranges.

They’ll additionally do nicely in bogs the place the humidity tends to be a lot larger and in my dwelling within the desert the place the degrees are sometimes low.  One other versatility issue provides this houseplant the label: “diehard.”


As I say relating to houseplants: if your own home is snug temperature-wise for you, then your Snake Vegetation will just do fantastic. You need to keep away from placing them in areas with chilly or sizzling drafts.

They tolerate a variety of temperatures. I’ve a few pots rising outside (within the shade) that do fantastic. We get highly regarded right here within the desert in the summertime (110F), and a handful of evenings can dip under freezing within the winter.

If yours is outside for the summer time (ensure it’s shielded from direct, full solar), know they don’t tolerate frost or snow. Get them indoors earlier than the temperatures drop too low.

Fertilizing Snake Vegetation

Spring and summer time are the most effective occasions to fertilize your crops. Early fall is ok, too, in case you’re in a temperate local weather.

We’ve a protracted rising season right here in Tucson from mid-February by means of October. I fertilize with Maxsea or Sea DevelopDevelop Large, and Liquid Kelp seven occasions through the rising season. It’s how I feed all my tropical crops. I alternate utilizing these granular and liquid fertilizers and don’t combine them.

I feed them with a topping of worm compost and compost each two or three springs. I give them a light-weight software of worm compost with a light-weight layer of compost over that. Straightforward does it – a 1/4 ” layer of every for a 6″ houseplant is ok. 

Snake Vegetation aren’t that needy, and fertilizing too typically will do extra hurt than good. Relying in your local weather zone, feeding two or thrice a 12 months could do it on your indoor crops. 

No matter houseplant meals you select, don’t use greater than the beneficial quantity as a result of salts construct up and might burn the plant’s roots. Mixed with fertilizing too typically, this can present up as brown spots on the leaves.

You need to keep away from fertilizing any pressured houseplant, i.e., bone dry or soaking moist. I don’t fertilize houseplants in late fall and winter as a result of it’s not their lively rising season.

Snake Plant Soil

Snake Vegetation are easygoing with their soil necessities. As a result of root rot is among the important points that kill these crops,  I’d suggest utilizing quick and well-draining soil to assist forestall this. 

I take advantage of succulent and cactus combine mixed with potting soil in a ratio of 1:1 for all of my Snake Vegetation. I make my very own DIY Succulent & Cactus Combine, which I take advantage of for all my succulents indoors and outside. 

If no matter potting combine you’re utilizing appears too heavy, add a couple of handfuls of pumice or perlite to up the ante on the aeration and drainage issue. This additionally is helpful if the pot solely has one or two smaller-sized drain holes. 


You don’t have to rush to repot your Snake Vegetation. They do higher when barely pot-bound. They’ve powerful root techniques, and I’ve seen fairly a couple of which have damaged their plastic develop pots. Sure, the rhizomes and roots are that powerful.

Usually, I repot mine each three to seven years on the most. If yours is in low gentle and never rising a lot, transplanting each 5 to 10 years will in all probability be fantastic. It’ll definitely admire contemporary soil combine sooner or later!

Simply ensure the potting combine you utilize is well-draining and there’s at the least one drainage gap on the underside of the pot so the surplus water can movement out. 

Five small snake plants sansevierias in green grow pots sit on a wall which cactus in the background.
These are my little Snake Vegetation, “Moonshine & Futura Superba,” quickly to be transplanted into bigger pots.

Right here’s a publish devoted to repotting Snake Vegetation: Repotting Snake Vegetation: the Soil Combine to Use & The best way to Do it.


Snake Vegetation are comparatively pest-resistant, however in poor situations, they could often entice mealybugs or spider mites. 

If yours will get mealybugs, I’ve bought you coated with this publish on The best way to Get Rid of Mealybugs on Vegetation. Right here you could find information on Spider Mites Management.

Frequently examine your plant for any indicators of infestation and deal with accordingly utilizing insecticidal cleaning soap, neem oil, or a DIY spray.

It’s finest to take motion as quickly as you see any pest as a result of they multiply like loopy. Pests can journey from houseplant to houseplant quick, so make you get them underneath management as quickly as you see them.

Cleansing Your Snake Plant

My Snake Vegetation don’t get dusty too typically, however I take a humid material and wipe off the leaves after they do. It retains them wholesome and makes them look a lot snazzier.

A collage of three pictures of snake plants, some are in yellow pots and green plastic pots, some are close up, and some are in white pots.

Propagating Snake Vegetation

When you’ve bought a Snake Plant, you could by no means want to purchase one other one. They’re very simple to propagate. When rising within the backyard, they’ll propagate on their very own as they unfold by underground stems known as rhizomes. 

As a houseplant, division adopted by leaf cuttings are the simplest methods to get new Snake Vegetation. You possibly can lower off wholesome leaf-cuttings and place them in a free soil combine till they set up roots.

A sooner approach to propagate is by dividing or eradicating the offsets (pups, infants) from the mom plant. These can be put in the identical sort of soil, and viola, you’ve a brand new plant!

Take a look at these 3 ways to Propagate Sansevierias and this publish on Propagating Snake Vegetation from Leaf Cuttings.

Secure For Pets

My cats have by no means chewed on my Sansevieras, indoors or out. The leaves are powerful, so I think about they’re much less interesting than a crunchy Spider Plant.  

Snake Vegetation are mildly poisonous to cats and canine. I seek the advice of the ASPCA web site for my information on this topic and see in what method the plant is poisonous.

Most houseplants are poisonous to pets in a roundabout way. Relating to this subject, perform a little extra analysis and are available to your individual conclusion.

Close up of the white flowers of a snake plant sansevieria.
The sweetly scented flower of a Sansevieria,rising in my backyard.

Snake Plant Flowers

Sure, they do however don’t maintain your breath ready for the flowers to seem when grown indoors. This prevalence is comparatively rare and seems to be somewhat hit and miss.  One of many kinds of Snake Vegetation rising in my backyard in Santa Barbara would flower nearly yearly, however the others wouldn’t. 

The flower of a Snake Plant reveals a pale whitish to greenish hue and emits a pleasant, candy perfume.

Snake Plant Care Video Information

Snake Plant Care FAQs

Snake Plant Care FAQs
How typically do you water a Snake Plant?

Snake Vegetation favor to dry out between waterings. Water them completely when the soil is dry, usually each 2-6 weeks, relying on humidity, gentle, time of 12 months, and pot measurement. Overwatering can result in root rot.

The place ought to I place a Snake Plant in my dwelling?

These are versatile crops. I’ve them rising in my kitchen, eating room, and workplace.
Some will tolerate low gentle ranges however all do finest in average gentle. These with variegation and vivid shade of their foliage want shiny pure gentle to maintain it.

Do Snake Vegetation want a number of solar?

Sure and no. Snake Vegetation do finest in shiny oblique gentle. Most like a sunny location, however to be stored out of direct daylight.

Do Snake Vegetation require particular soil?

Snake crops want a well-draining soil combine. Potting soil mixed with cactus and succulent combine works nicely. Be certain that the pot has drainage holes to stop water from increase within the soil.

Is it regular for Snake Vegetation to have yellow leaves?

An occasional yellow leaf is a pure prevalence for any plant. Nonetheless, an extreme quantity of yellow leaves is an indication that the plant isn’t completely satisfied. The trigger could possibly be overwatering, underwatering, an excessive amount of fertilizer, an excessive amount of gentle, and/or poor soil drainage.
Prune off any yellow leaves on the base to maintain the plant trying good.

Can I preserve my Snake Plant outside for the summer time?

Snake crops can develop outside year-round in gentle climates.
If yours grows indoors and also you need it to spend the summer time outside, that’s fantastic. Simply ensure it’s out of direct daylight and shielded from extra rainfall.

Looking closely at the vibrant foliage of a sansevieria laurentii snake plant.
The jazzy foliage of a Sansevieria Laurentii, 1 of essentially the most broadly bought Snake Vegetation..

Are you a starting houseplant gardener? Make sure to put one or two Sansevieria crops in your need checklist. You’ll quickly discover out Snake Plant care is a breeze!

Snake Vegetation make nice workplace crops as a result of they deal with dry air higher than most houseplants and don’t want a lot consideration. I’ve seen this hardy plant in lengthy planters at airports and workplace lobbies, powerful environments certainly. 

In case you’re searching for Snake Vegetation, a pair which may enchantment to you: Sansevieria Zeylanica and Sansevieria Laurentii.

Listed here are some extra sources: Shops The place You Can Purchase Indoor Vegetation On-line

To Sum It Up: Snake Vegetation are nearly indestructible except you’ve a heavy hand with the watering can or place them in a sizzling, sunny window. They appear to thrive on the dry air in our properties and neglect. The extra you ignore them, the higher they appear to do. 

I like Snake Vegetation due to their daring, architectural, sassy look. There are such a lot of species and varieties to select from. You’ll be hooked too! 

Observe: This was initially revealed on 5/6/2017. It was up to date on 3/27/2020 & once more on 8/17/2023.

Joyful gardening,

Signed by Nell Foster

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First Printed: Might 6, 2017… Final Up to date: March 26, 2020

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